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kS3 Mandarin

The Mandarin curriculum at SIH is carefully designed and customized to its students’ need to master and be excellent in the language. Since interest and happiness are the keys to success in learning a language, students’ interest and happiness in learning Chinese will be emphasized and focused via practical, effective, fun and interesting ways of learning. Speaking and listening skills are the main focuses, aiming that the students will have the initiative and confidence to use Chinese as one of their communication languages in this multilingual society, or any relevant occasions.  The Mandarin curriculum is developed using a circular curriculum of topics. The topics studied are revisited every year from Year 7 until Year 9. As each year progresses, the vocabulary and pace becomes increasingly challenging. This allows students to build on their knowledge and understanding of each topic and gain more depth, confidence and proficiency.



Our aims

AT SIH the Mandarin curriculum aims for students to:

communicate in Chinese comfortably, confidently and effectively.

master the “Hanyu Pinyin” (Chinese Spelling System)

master the four tones in Chinese. [Remark: Chinese is a tone language, different tones with same pronunciation make different meanings.]

understand Chinese culture.

recognise different Chinese characters.

write Chinese characters with the correct order of strokes.

understand the concept and meaning of radicals in Chinese characters.

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