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kS3 Music

The Music curriculum at SIH emphasises musical exploration with opportunities for learners to perform and present their music at every stage of development. The focus is on experimentation and responding to music which leads to an increasing awareness of self and personal musicality. Musical language is introduced gradually so that it is accessible to learners, while creating a foundation for success.  Music fosters creativity and builds confidence and our curriculum
broadens learners’ experiences as they make, create and explore their own music along with music from different cultures, times and places. 

MUSIC Overview


Our aims

At SIH the Music curriculum aims for students to:

  • cultivate a joy of music through participating in meaningful and enjoyable experiences

  • develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to think and contribute as musicians

  • collaborate with others in purposeful and expressive ways through singing and playing instruments

  • nurture individual and collective creativity

  • use their growing knowledge to explore and generate music that is unique, valuable and relevant.

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