Wellbeing and Pastoral care

Southern International School is committed to a holistic education and we are not only focused on academics, but on educating the whole child. Teachers therefore plan a curriculum that enriches the physical, emotional and spiritual development of students. Pastoral care is a shared responsibility within a structured framework. Class teachers play an important role in overseeing the welfare of their students on a day-to-day basis. Every child has a tutor group, who sees him/her every day and provides academic and emotional support. Parents should contact the form tutor if there any concerns about their child’s welfare.

We believe that student wellbeing is critical for our students to thrive both in and out of school. We guide our students to be balanced individuals who are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.   Our staff team works in partnership with students and parents, and we encourage our students to care for each other in an environment that promotes consideration, cooperation, and kindness.

Our aim is to develop students’ wellbeing through supporting the whole child, not only academically, but cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.


our approach

Our approach to wellbeing comprises of the following:

  • ​The Tutor Group

  • Personal, Social, Health Education

  • Physical Education

  • Student Representative Council

  • Learning Support

  • Health Care

  • School Counsellor

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Our approach to wellbeing and pastoral care.

The Tutor Group

Our dedicated tutors are an integral part of our Wellbeing System. Our team provide daily meetings with students where they register students and reinforce day-to-day procedures. Tutors also deliver the Personal, Social and Health Education programme we offer all students. Our tutors are also the main point of contact for students and parents

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

A person’s ‘character’ develops over time and in a range of contexts, and is shaped by unknown and unpredictable events. Through our dedicated Homeroom Team, we facilitate a planned approach to develop character-based skills and attributes to make a difference for our learners.

PSHE is an essential element of how we approach wellbeing at ISIB, as it provides focus on the development of these vital skills and attributes for an informed and happy life.

Our PSHE Character Curriculum focuses on enabling learners to develop:

  • interpersonal and social effectiveness
  • self-awareness
  • values
  • resilience
  • effectiveness within a wider community
  • risk management

Physical Education

Physical Education is provided to our learners to give them the opportunity to learn both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. Our programme is designed to encourage enjoyment in physical activity by participating in a variety of physical activities and to develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance. Our Physical Education programme aims to make a valuable contribution to the preparation of the health and wellbeing of our students.

Student Representative Council

A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done. Southern International School Hat Yai school council consists of the President, Vice President, one staff representative and one class representative from Year 4 upwards. The school council usually meets every two weeks on a Wednesday lunchtime. The school council representatives are re-elected each year.

Learning Support

SIH is dedicated to providing Learning Support for students with additional needs. Our in-school team consists of:

  • EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers
  • Dedicated Second Language English and Thai teachers
  • Special Education Needs teacher (SENCO)
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Shadow teacher support
Should you require further information on what Learning Support services we have available for your child please do not hesitate to contact our school SENCO - Miss Lucy Wilkins on lucy.wilkins@southerninter.ac.th

Health Care

The School has a dedicated clinic operated by a qualified nurse. The health of all students is closely monitored and minor illnesses are referred to the clinic to be treated by the nurse. The nurse will take the temperature and carry out a visual check of all Primary School children daily. The school also has an arrangement with a local hospital for emergency treatment. It is school policy to notify the parents of students who fall ill or are involved in accidents.

School Counsellor

We have a dedicated school counsellor onsite who speaks to students individually and works with those who have been referred by a teacher or parents. This provides emotional support for the student body at SIH.

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