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kS3 art

The Art and Design curriculum at SIH will enable learners to explore the limitless possibilities that exist both in art and in their own creativity. As art and design is a wide-ranging discipline that brings together skills and intellectual thought processes from across the curriculum, learners will also become experimental, reflective, critical and decisive thinkers who are able to express themselves within a range of open themes. They will understand the benefits of concentration, perseverance and collaboration, as well as developing the fine motor skills that are generally associated with producing art. The enjoyable and collaborative nature of art and design will also provide them with
many opportunities for social development and for exploring their personal interests.

ART Overview

MATH Overview


Our aims

At SIH the Art and Design curriculum aims for students to:

  • see themselves as artists and become increasingly independent and reflective

  • develop the skills needed to express creative ideas and to communicate visually

  • understand their place and the place of others in an interconnected, creative and innovative world

  • make informed decisions about creative practices and products and about the art and design they encounter, engage with and generate

  • understand the role of the creative arts in society

  • analyse and reflect on issues and creative ideas, practices and outputs from different perspectives.

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