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kS3 Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at SIH allows learners to develop skills through a wide variety of age-appropriate physical activities, including games, team sports, gymnastics and dance. Through these activities they develop their creative thinking in different physical activities by applying their existing skills to less familiar contexts.  Learners practise important social skills such as taking turns, sharing space and equipment, cooperating with others and developing risk management skills. Learners develop their individual responsibility for moving and using equipment and space safely.   Learners develop their skills and understanding of leadership, collaboration and fair play through a range of team and group activities. They use these skills to help others to participate and achieve, sometimes leading and sometimes following others.

PE Overview

Basketball Dunk

Our aims

At SIH the Physical Education curriculum aims for students to:

  • develop their movement competence and confidence, linking movement skills together with increasing control, fluency and variety

  • progress their knowledge and understanding of movement through the learning of movement concepts, rules, tactics/strategies and compositional ideas

  • enhance their creativity and innovation in addressing movement challenges by varying elements to help build and extend their movement vocabulary

  • participate and perform as individuals and group members in respectful and responsible ways, engaging appropriately and safely in team/group work and fulfilling associated expectations and roles

  • develop their knowledge and understanding of how physical education can contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle

  • develop transferable skills promoting physical, cognitive and social development, becoming independent, critical and reflective movers and thinkers.

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