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kS4 Maths

Cambridge IGCSE Maths offers candidates the ability to develop an understanding of mathematical principles, concepts and methods in a way which encourages confidence, provides satisfaction and enjoyment, and develops a positive attitude towards mathematics.  Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics supports learners in building competency, confidence and fluency in their use of techniques and mathematical understanding. This course helps learners to develop a feel for quantity, patterns and relationships. Learners will develop their reasoning, problem-solving and analytical skills in a variety of abstract and real-life contexts. Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics provides a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge both for candidates studying mathematics at a higher level and those who will require mathematics to support skills in other subjects. The course is tiered to allow all candidates to achieve and progress in their mathematical studies.


Our Topics

At SIH the IGCSE Math curriculum focuses on 4 main areas, Number, Algebra, Shape & Space and Probability and Statistics.


Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics is assessed via two components. All candidates take two written papers.


Candidates who follow the Core curriculum take Papers 1 and 3 and are eligible for grades C to G.

Candidates who follow the Extended curriculum take Papers 2 and 4 and are eligible for grades A* to E.

Both components will be assessed externally.


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