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kS4 Global Perspectives

Young people face unprecedented challenges in an interconnected and information-heavy world, not least in how they will gain a sense of their own active place in the world and cope with changes that will impact on their life chances and life choices.  Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives candidates will have opportunities to acquire and apply a range of skills to support them in these challenges.


Students explore stimulating topics that have global significance. They learn to collaborate with others from another culture, community or country. They assess information critically and explore lines of reasoning. They learn to direct their own learning and develop an independence of thought.  Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives emphasises the development and application of skills rather than the acquisition of knowledge. Candidates develop transferable skills that will be useful for further study and for young people as active citizens of the future.


Our Topics

At SIH the IGCSE Global Perspectives is built around topics; knowledge of content is not assessed. However, each particular topic encompasses issues of global importance. The topics offer a context within which candidates can begin to develop and demonstrate an understanding of these global issues from personal, local and/or national and global perspectives. Candidates use research, reasoning and questioning to gain this understanding and form their own judgements.  The topics are as follows:








Candidates for Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives take three compulsory components – 


Component 1 is externally assessed.

Component 2 is internally set and externally marked.

Component 3 is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Candidates will be eligible for grades A* to G.

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