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Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests (TEDTE) — Register today - July 20th 2018 !

Principle and rationale

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) is an organization that drives education for the leading Thai students so that they have knowledge and skills in the fields of science, mathematics, and technology on par with that of international standards. It also focuses on assisting teachers to be able to provide necessary skills and to know how to use the learning tool which fit the 21st century.

IPST is aware of the importance of improving qualities of teaching mathematics and science for elementary and lower secondary students all across the country. Thus, the Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests (TEDET) project was organized to evoke the interests of students, teachers, and parents on learning of mathematics and science. The project is in cooperation with the Government savings bank (GSB), Edupark Company Limited, and CMS Edu Company Limited from South Korea.

After organizing the evaluative tests to determine skills in solving mathematical and scientific problems, opportunities will be offered to teachers and students who joined the program by providing access to information database for the purpose of researching mathematical and scientific subjects through the knowledge storing system ‘TEDET Online’. TEDET Online is a content and questions (sample problems) database from South Korea that assist teachers in preparation of teaching math and science. Teachers can assign homework to students after which the results can be discussed in the class, supported by detailed answer keys and explanations for all problems. Teachers can also control students’ access to detailed answers. Furthermore, this system is accessible for all students whether they are located in the countryside or urban cities, regardless the size of the schools.

All of these characteristics of the program are aimed at improving mathematics and science teaching, as well as giving opportunities for all students to access and improve their skills in the knowledge database on their own, with everything taking into account to improve the quality of learning mathematics and science, as well as to improve Thailand’s evaluative results for PISA to be even higher in the future.


  1. To improve evaluative results for PISA (Program for International Student Assessment)

  2. To allow teachers and students to be trained in utilizing tools designed for the 21st century. Outlining the basics in effectively utilizing internet resources which as a resource of research consistent with the core curriculums.

  3. To give students access to the online knowledge database system TEDET from South Korea so they can practice and be familiarized with PISA problems.

  4. To let teachers and schools have the knowledge database TEDET Online from South Korea which is a convenient resource of research that contains sufficient supplementary information to assist teacher’s preparation of contents that caters towards the diversity of students.

  5. To allow elementary to lower secondary level students to test their abilities in solving problems that involves reading and analytical thinking in the fields of mathematics and science, with different problems from the classroom.

Who can apply?

2nd - 9th grade students


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