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Students and staff dressed up as their favorite book character on the last day of Book Week on March 12th 2021 and winners were announced of all the competitions

- Book Drive: Parents and other friends of SIH donated books to the SIH library. Donors get a named thank-you sticker that goes in the book.

- Book stall. We had the booksellers in school all week.

-Photography competition: students, staff and parents took pictures of themselves reading in unusual locations and positions. Winners are Ms. Pam (1st place) Joseph (2nd place), Mr. Uros and Mr. Will (3rd place), Cherlyn and Lamoon(4th place) - Drop Everything and Read. All students carry around a book at all times during Book Week. At the sound of arranged signal they stop what they are doing and read for fifteen minutes.

- Class teachers decorate their doors in the theme of a chosen book. Winners are Year 4-(1st place), Year 7(2nd place) and KG2(3rd place) - ReadTheory competition for Years 5-11. Winners are Ploy-Y6 (1st Place), Pei-Y11 (2nd place)

- Older students reading to younger students.

- Whole school add-a-line story. A book passed around class to class and student to student, each writing the next line of the story.

- Spelling Bee competition. 1 winner each class.

- Students designed a bookmark. The winning entries was professionally printed and sold in the school shop.

- Literary quotes put up around the school that students find the source of.

- Screenplay-writing workshop for Year 8 by Mr. Martin.

- We also have dress-up winners. KG2 Ladybirds (1st place- Early Years), Rowan And Mi-o-(1st place-primary) and It (1st place-secondary)

We hope that all the SIH community enjoyed the Book Week and thank you to everyone.

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