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Our Year 10 drama students have completed their final script assessment on the dark comedy playscript, DNA. The students performed in front of a live audience of high school students to help prepare them for next year's IGCSE exams. Mr Michael, their drama teacher was very proud and wanted to share that Me-mi, Wei Wei, Anda and Kayla stood out in their various roles they performed as a group. They worked tirelessly to edit and improve the play. which culminated in an amazing 22-minute drama. Since there were only four students in the group. Each of them took on the challenge of playing between two and three different roles. This task is not easy. But they did so with success that amazed their audience demonstrating their talent and versatility. Watching their ability to seamlessly transition between characters is truly impressive. The audience was stunned from the start. And the performers received a thunderous applause at the end. Well done to everyone involved!

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