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What our parents say
about SIH

Southern International School, Hat Yai provides an international education to both Thai and non-Thai students living in Hat Yai and other provinces. We aim to develop our young people in terms of 21st century skills, such as problem-solving, creative thinking, curiosity, communication and team-working, and eternal values such as respect, tolerance, environmental awareness and lifelong learning.  This holistic view of education should prepare our students for the challenges of a rapidly changing global community.  We believe that in order to achieve a culture of achievement we need to create a culture of opportunity for all our community members.  Finally, we want our young people to be safe, to be happy and to achieve.

Southern International School, Hat Yai, strives to become the first choice in Southern Thailand for parents when choosing an international education for their children.


Our core 

  • Each individual has intrinsic worth 

  • Each person is responsible for his or her choices and actions 

  • All people have a responsibility to contribute positively to society 

  • Embracing diversity strengthens communities 

  • Shared values are essential for the well-being of our community 

  • Quality education expands opportunities for the individual and contributes to the development of our world 

  • Education is a collaborative effort between family and school and is enriched by the community

  • Learning is an essential, life-long endeavour 

  • Achievement builds self-esteem, which leads to further achievement 

  • Excellence is worth pursuing 

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789 Rajuthit Rd, Hat Yai District,  Songkhla Province 90110

TEL: +66(0) 74 252 111
FAX: +66(0) 74 252 998


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